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What do Teacher’s Say?

The Teacher Opinion Survey, as administered in 2014, encompasses some very BIG IDEAS about the role of the arts in education in A+ Schools. The process of this research reported in four reliable scales:

  1. Positive Student Outcomes
  2. Collaboration
  3. Teacher as Artist
  4. Arts Instruction

TOS 2014 Take-aways:

– Oklahoma educators hold positive views about the arts in education and other core A+ principles.

-Educators feel strongly about the ways that this approach supports student learning

-Educators express positive opinions about the value of the arts as a separate discipline as well as an integrated subject.

– The level of collaboration seems to increase when schools have greater engagement within the Oklahoma A+ Schools® network.

-The Oklahoma A+® model is SUSTAINABLE.  Longitudinal data show that educators’ attitudes have remained generally positive and have been consistent across ten years.


NOTE:  This report is a continuation of research that began in 2002.  This study would not be possible without the previous work of OKA+ Schools® staff; researchers from the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma; and many others who have contributed to this work over the years.

Teacher Opinion Survey 2014