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TLC Workshops

We are pleased to introduce OKA+ Schools Institute’s newest offering of support for teachers – Teachers Learning Creatively or TLC. Teachers are juggling changing environments and resources, sometimes day to day. We know you need effective support that gives you engaging activities that can work in both in-person and virtual environments. TLC workshops are Zoom workshop sessions designed for immediate applicability to classrooms, whether virtual or in-person. Choose from elementary or secondary sessions designed by working educators.

Quick Saturday morning workshops via Zoom, these are FREE to anyone working in OKA+ Schools, or for $10 to anyone else.

Upcoming Workshops

February 19, 2022, 10:30 AM – Noon
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Different Paths to the Same Destination (All Grades) with Dawn Collums and Tonya Kilburn
Join us for an interactive and engaging look at differentiation strategies for instruction and assessment to meet the needs of the learner variability in every classroom, including those with ADHD or on the Autism spectrum.  You will leave with tools to engage learners with different needs in classrooms that are more challenging than ever before.

Previous Workshops

October 3, 2020, 10:30 am – noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: Bitmoji- Integrating Art Elements with Kimberly Takahashi and Beth Snook
Join us to create, design, and develop classroom tools to enhance student learning using Bitmojis and integrating art elements. Come and see how an A+ Bitmoji classroom functions. WORKSHOP IS FULL! REGISTER TO BE ADDED TO WAITLIST.

Secondary (Grades 4+): FORMatting Digital Lessons for Historical & Current Events with Naomi Rothrock and Jennifer Burris
Do you want to connect your standards and the arts while teaching about inequities? Through the exploration of global cultures, this workshop will give you a better understanding of how you can use technology both in person and in distance learning while providing students with voice and choice. Teachers from all subject areas are invited to participate.

November 14, 2020, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: All The World’s A Screen: Using Creative Space in Virtual Classrooms (Gr K-5) with Sarah Caputo and Jessica Davenport
You’ve e-mailed, you’ve Dropbox’d, and you’ve Zoomed yourself silly these past few months. Adapting project-based classroom curriculum into virtual space can be a challenge. But what about incorporating some arts integration activities that are intended to be used in your virtual meeting space exclusively? With this workshop, you’ll use storytelling and theater to inspire your students to create miniature films and plays about their subject matter. They’ll explore space, design and the technical aspects of a creative presentation. All the world’s a screen…we might as well have some fun with it!

Secondary: Poetry Out Loud with Stephanie Crossno and Janet Parker
Join this live streaming, interactive workshop for Secondary Educators interested in learning about the virtual format for this year???s state and national Poetry Out Loud (POL) competitions. POL is a national poetry competition for high school students that helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about great poetry. Explore the rules and requirements in the new format and coaching strategies for the competition process. From selection, analysis, to presentation, we will examine and experience how 21st century skills are embedded in the Poetry Out Loud model.

January 9, 2021, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: Cultural Diversity Beyond Craft (Gr PK-6) with Kelly Carter and Angela Martinez

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” You will leave this workshop inspired and ready to make simple changes in your classroom to open your student’s eyes to the world.

Secondary: Hidden Heroes: Up Close and from a Distance (Gr 4-12) with Jennifer Burris and Naomi Rothrock
Participants will explore digital tools to connect their students’ passions to people in history through art. Throughout this workshop, participants will learn more about lesser known figures in history and understand the impact one person can have on a movement.

February 20, 2021, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: Strategies for Teaching ELL Students (Gr K-5 ) with Angela Martinez and Kelly Carter
Being in school and learning academics while learning a new language is hard. As teachers, we might feel helpless and frustrated not knowing how to help our students. This workshop will give you some quick and easy tips you can start practicing right away.

Secondary:??Passport to Music: Unity in Rhythm and Song (Gr 6-12) with Abigail Pappas and Kenya Guidry-Sturm
This workshop will explore music from various cultures throughout the world. Participants will learn fundamental music concepts through the vehicle of world music, with an emphasis on creating original rhythms and lyrics. The goals of this workshop are to celebrate cultural identities, promote creativity and use music as a learning tool for other core subjects.

April 10, 2021, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Registration Closed

Made You Look (Gr K-12) with Deji Dugger and Paige Mayhew
We made you look at the description, and guess what? This workshop will have students creating a primary resource that they will want to explore, because it is theirs. Using the elements of art and key questions for analyzing the media, this workshop will focus on simple photography skills that are useful for interpreting and creating photographs. As in the past, people used what they had to capture their history, and today it is personal devices such as cell phones and tablets that students access. Participants are encouraged to bring a device to use as we create our primary sources with personal photography at the core.

October 2, 2021, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: Blowing Minds with STEAM with Mariah Wilson and Rosalynn Wade
Fly into STEAM instruction with the GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge! Dip into the waters of arts integration with SAIL Box! Learn about these two projects of the Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute in a 90-minute hands-on exploration. You will leave this Zoom workshop with fresh connections, ideas, and resources for your classroom projects.

Secondary: Canva as a Canvas with Jennifer Burris and Naomi Rothrock
How can you use Canva to teach content? What does graphic design have to do with your classroom? How can you and your students use Canva as a tool for learning and engagement? Find out the answers to these in this workshop about Canva in your secondary classroom. Learn the basics of Canva and graphic design while exploring connections to science, social studies, math, ELA, visual art, and more.

November 13, 2021, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

Elementary: Social-Emotional Learning & Theatre
How can we effectively and purposefully use our classroom curriculum with Creative Drama to achieve and promote SEL goals of self awareness, interpersonal skills, and decision making? Join us for hands-on and classroom ready ideas and networking with other teachers!

Secondary: Graph Your Story
This workshop combines mathematics and creative writing as you explore how you can use graphs to tell your story. Participants will engage in learning activities to experience how the language of mathematics can nuance our understanding of stories from multiple perspectives, walking away with tangible ideas to implement in their classroom.

January 8, 2022, 10:30 AM – Noon
Registration Closed

The Art of Vocabulary (Gr 6-12) with Brooke Barrett and Naomi Rothrock
Are you curious about integrating art into your classroom? How can you use visual art to teach your core curriculum? Find out the answer in this workshop where we explore connections between art and all core content areas through vocabulary.