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The GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge

The GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge is designed to increase exposure to, understanding of, and interest in STEAM concepts and careers for young learners. Boeing has provided funding to OKA+ to work with students during the school day, inspiring them to become STEAM scholars. Over the past four years engaging, standards-based lessons have been created which have been used in first and second grade classrooms.

These lessons incorporate 21st Century learning skills focusing on critical thinking and problem-solving through real-world, hands-on challenge activities inspired by children’s literature. Lessons integrate arts and arts standards with STEM content standards, allowing students to take their learning to greater depths of understanding.

We hope that teachers will find inspiration in these videos and that students will find curiosity and learning. Please feel free to watch, explore, and create! If you have questions you can reach out to us to learn more about the project, the videos, or the lessons.

Boeing STEAM Challenge Videos – 2022-2023

Boeing STEAM Challenge Videos – 2021-2022

Boeing STEAM Challenge Videos – 2021 – 2nd grade

Boeing STEAM Challenge Videos – 2021 – 1st grade

Boeing STEAM Challenge Videos – 2020