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Sail into each month with four guided, arts integrated activities that all point back to a foundational learning concept, targeted at elementary aged children.

Introducing SAIL Box: Simply Arts Integrated Learning

A subscription with everything you need to dive deep into arts integrated learning, delivered right to your inbox!

How it works:

1. Pick a subscription

  • Digital – $10 per month
  • Annual – 10% discount

2. Get your activities

3. Have fun learning!

Use the activities at home or in the classroom. Each month, the member-only access website is updated with extension activities, more information about topics, artists and more, plus standards met for each grade level!

Payment options include credit card, check, or purchase order.

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Each box is designed completely around a concept that connects to multiple standards and topics. Boxes encompass learning at every grade level. Integrating the arts with the topics and standards that are being taught is proven to increase comprehension and retention.??

By expanding the ways in which children think, process, and learn, they gain a more rounded understanding that encourages them to think more deeply, apply and analyze knowledge.

Learn more about why the SAIL box centers on concepts rather than topics and standards, see what’s in a “box”, and see answers to other frequently asked questions.

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