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TLC Workshop



Elementary: Blowing Minds with STEAM??with Mariah Wilson and Rosalynn Wade
Fly into STEAM instruction with the GreA+ Boeing STEAM Challenge! Dip into the waters of arts integration with SAIL Box! Learn about these two projects of the Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute in a 90-minute hands-on exploration. You will leave this Zoom workshop with fresh connections, ideas, and resources for your classroom projects.

Secondary: Canva as a Canvas??with Jennifer Burris
How can you use Canva to teach content? What does graphic design have to do with your classroom? How can you and your students use Canva as a tool for learning and engagement? Find out the answers to these in this workshop about Canva in your secondary classroom. Learn the basics of Canva and graphic design while exploring connections to science, social studies, math, ELA, visual art, and more.