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About the Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute

Think of us as a coach, training your school to transform its approach to education. Our strategy sparks higher academic achievement by developing students who love to learn.

It makes sense, right? When students are interested in the curriculum, they engage on a deeper level and are more likely to demonstrate mastery of course content. And based on our research, hands-on learning drives student engagement.

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Our Framework

By fostering an environment that values innovation, collaboration and critical thinking, we’ll help you deliver a top-notch education with the flexibility to reach every student. That’s where our essentials framework comes in. Similar to building blocks, the framework’s eight components sustain a creative culture to address the needs of individual learners and catalyze whole-school transformation.

  • Arts
  • Curriculum
  • Experiential Learning
  • Multiple Learning Pathways
  • Enriched Assessment
  • Infrastructure
  • Collaboration
  • Climate

Our research tells us that the framework is most successful when fully implemented in schools with strong principal leadership, high faculty engagement and regular OKA+ professional development.

The best part? Our services come at no cost to schools in the state of Oklahoma.

A Three-Legged Stool

Professional Development

Teachers are most effective when they remain lifelong learners. We offer robust opportunities for continuing education through creative retreats, specialized workshops and ongoing on-site development, we continually equip schools to support the success of every child. And because what works for another school won’t necessarily work for yours, all professional development is customized to meet your unique needs.


Knowledge is most powerful when shared. We come with an intricate network of 60 schools and over 2,500 educators and their findings, practices and connections will help you accomplish your school’s goals. But our network reaches beyond schools. Our collaborating partners in higher education, community, government and business are all committed to extending creative learning across the state.


Programming is most successful when we strive for continual improvement. That’s why we integrate research into our process – the more data we have about your school’s performance and achievement, the more accurately we can pinpoint issues and forge your best path forward. It’s also how we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that OKA+ schools have better academic results and happier students and teachers.


Sandra Kent
Sandra Kent
Executive Director
Phone 405-974-3787
Rosalynn Wade
Rosalynn Wade
Program Director
Phone 405-974-3777
Julie Lunsford
Julie Lunsford
Project Specialist
Phone 405-974-3788
Daniel Tippin
Daniel Tippin
Regional Coordinator
Phone 405-974-3796
Tami Cotner
Regional Coordinator
Phone 918-397-7110
Destiny Turner
Regional Coordinator
Phone 405-974-3789
Danyel Shirley
Administrative Specialist
Phone 405-974-3779
Abigail Pappas
Abigail Pappas
Integration Project Specialist
Mariah Wilson
Mariah Wilson
STEAM Specialist
Phone 405-974-3791
Jean Hendrickson
Jean Hendrickson
Director Emeritus
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Become an A+ School

We believe that every school in every setting can benefit from the resources we offer. Join our network and start your school???s path toward transformation. Get Started here.